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Innovative GIS web mapping solutions leveraging the ESRI Silverlight API

  • EMSWebMap offers users a true out-of-the-box WebGIS application by providing a fully functional, and customizable application.
  • EMSWebMap is an information portal with the ultimate document management system providing web access to any spatially linked document such as engineering as-builts, emergency pre-plan data, site photos, and even videos.






CMMS Direct Edit Access

  • EMSWebMap's custom modules allow users to interact with popular CMMS systems such as Hansen, Datastream and Lucity (GBA) databases.  Leverage EMSWebMap to enjoy the best of both worlds, world-class web mapping access married to your current CMMS investment.

Centralized Data Management

  • EMSWebMap runs strictly from a centrally based ArcGIS Server. With a data management system that runs from one single server, the need for advanced pc's and high end workstation technology is eliminated. Users can also take comfort in knowing their data is secure.

Simplistic User Interface

  • EMSWebMap's interface is designed with user efficiency in mind. EMSWebMap users enjoy a large viewable map area. They benefit from EMSWebMap's rapid search tools. In any work environment, the integration of new tools and programs can require numerous hours of training. With EMSWebMap's simple user interface, the need for training is virtually eliminated.

Widely Distributed GIS Data

  • Through optimization of ArcServer services and the XML-controlled EMSWebMap customizations, all users will better access your GIS data. EMSWebMap can be used directly in the field because it is developed with the minimal air card bandwith in mind.


  • EMSWebMap reads an XML document and can be configured to fit the user's needs controlling nearly every aspect of the application content including search criteria, service content and behavior, as well as external links.

There's More...

  • Full redline capability
  • Enhanced WYSIWYG printing functionality with templates and logos
  • SDE data creation and editing
  • Search on multiple fields with dynamic candidate lists
  • Search on related and stand-alone tables
  • Enhanced maptip display and hyperlinking



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