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EMS is an industry leader in the conversion of engineering documents to GIS-ready digital data.  Founded in 1993, EMS has developed some of the most robust GIS projects in the country.  Ranging from desktop to Web-based solutions, EMS delivers solutions to the market that are affordable, efficient, and scaleable for future growth.

Our full range of GIS services includes needs assessment, system design, implementation, customization, training and technical support to ensure complete and total GIS success.  Our highly trained staff stands ready to assist in all aspect of the GIS process.

Our engineering background ensures your conversion will meet the exacting demands of the engineering-based GIS Project.  Through our strategic alliance with GBA Master Series ( we can further support and offer Infrastructure and Asset Management tools to our clients.

EMS provides a full range of GIS consulting services to supplement existing client resources. Our role can be as small as providing recommendations on the best approach to your IS project, to as large as handling the entire design, development, and implementation.

Using the data we provide is easy as well.  Using ESRI MapObjects technology, we provide a viewing software called EMSFieldMap.  EMSFM is a cost effective means of viewing GIS data, viewing aerial imagery, routing, and integrated engineering document management.