• EMS is a Phoenix-based professional geospatial services corporation founded in 1995. Our office is located at 1355 East Northern Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.

    EMS provides a full range of GIS consulting services. Our role can be as small as providing recommendations on the best approach to your GIS project, to as large as handling the entire design, development, and implementation.

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Firm Background

EMS has developed some of the most robust GIS projects in the country. Ranging from phone to desktop to Web-based applications, EMS delivers solutions that are affordable, efficient, and scalable for future growth.

Our full range of GIS services includes needs assessment, system design, implementation, customization, training and technical support to ensure complete and total GIS success. Our highly trained staff stands ready to assist in all aspect of the GIS process including:

  • Services
    • Geodatabase Design and Implementation
    • GIS Data Conversion
    • GIS Asset Collection
    • Custom GIS Application Development
    • GIS InfoGraphic Services
    • ESRI Implementation Services
    • OpenSource Implementation Services

  • Software
    • EMSWebMap - HTML5/Angular JS fully customizable Web-based GIS Viewer
    • EMSFieldMap - .NET client-based GIS data viewer
    • EMSMobile - Android & iOS-based field data collection
    • EMSOpenCloud - GIS Data Hosting
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Firm Resources

The current fulltime employee count is 10, with the following mix of professionals and technicians:

Position Number of Staff Roles
AZ Professional Engineer - Civil 2 Professional oversight and project management
Software Developers 2 Application coding for desktop and web platforms
Technicians 6 ArcGIS workstation editors (5) and analyst (1)

The company principals, Martin Shaeffer, P.E. (President) and Phil Ponce, P.E. (Vice President), have over 60 years of combined expertise in engineering design, GIS, CAD, database design, and engineering solutions. Phil Ponce has served as the AGIC Private Sector Representative board member since 2013 and EMS has participated at the yearly AGIC conference every year since 1997.

Geospatial software resources and proficiencies
  • Esri ArcGIS Desktop Advanced concurrent licenses, v10.5
  • Esri ArcGIS Server Workgroup and SQL Server Enterprise, v10.3
  • Boundless OpenGeo Suite open source web server and developer SDK, v4.6
  • AutoCAD Map 3D (Registered Developer)
  • Google AppEngine Developer SDK
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Esri ArcGIS Online Developers Edition, v10.3/li
  • Quantum GIS (QGIS) open source Desktop GIS, v2.18
  • Google Maps & Bing Maps SDKs and keys
  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS v9.4
  • Esri JavaScript API, v3.20 (production) and 4.3 (testing mode)
Web Development Environment
  • Esri JavaScript API, v3.20 (production) and 4.3 (testing mode)
  • AngularJS v1.4 MVC development environment
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010-2017 IDE
  • Apache Subversion v1.8
  • jQuery v2.x, jQuery UI 1.x
  • OpenLayers 4.1 (open source JavaScript library for geospatial data)