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EMSWebMap obtains public input on proposed redistricting boundaries.


In a collaborative effort with Research Advisory Services, a Phoenix-based demographic research consulting firm, EMS developed a redistricting web-based interface leveraging EMSWebMap technology.  The goal is to obtain public opinion and modifications to proposed redistricting plans.  This online tool leverages GIS mapping data in ESRI ArcServer and provides the tool you need to examine, draw, save and submit new boundaries for consideration by consulting staff.

This differs in other software approaches in that we are starting with proposed boundaries and letting the public modify.  Our experience tells us that starting with a "clean slate" is too overwhelming for the general public.  Furthermore, the software tools designed to assist the user in the process require hours of training for which only very few ever take the time to master.

Our application strikes the perfect balance between the complex issue of redistricting, and an easy-to-master web application that is fun and easy to use.

See it Live

By clicking here, you will be taken to a sample page created for Gila County in Arizona.  Begin by downloading the PDF and follow the steps to create your own plan.


If you are interested in EMSWebMap or have questions, please contact Tony Sissons at or Phil Ponce at for questions regarding implementation of this solution for your jurisdiction. 

We look forward to assisting with your public interface requirements.